Our Story

So, you're wondering how PHUNKY came to be and why we created it.

Once upon a time there were three very adventurous and risk-taking souls. They loved being outside and finding new places to explore and cool people to meet. They’re the type of people who could strike up a conversation with anyone about anything.

But, they were no different than most other people who go to work every day, fighting traffic, dealing with their bosses, Mr. Grump-O-Pottamus and Mrs. Workaholic. Each of them worked in many jobs and many roles during their lives. From telecom sales and private catering, to executives in business, and for elite sports teams...they've done and experienced a lot.

One of them decided it was time to choose joy, take a risk and start a new adventure working for themselves, doing something they love. There are only a couple of like minded people, his sister and wife, who entertained his insanity and decided to join him in his quest for world domination. (Think of a very small world, like really super small with nothing but lightning bugs and pretty pretty princesses to get in their way.)

The three of them love the beach as much as they do the mountains. They love their pets and taking them on new adventures. They believe that being a good person and having fun is the key to life.

So, now to the present...We worked tirelessly to create a mascot (Tuck) that people think is super cool and want to take with them on their adventures. Tuck will have his own outdoor adventures over the years as he learns to ski, snowboard, surf, skate, etc. (he’s a quick learner!)

We want people to smile and have as much fun with the brand as we do. We want to hear your laughter and see your smiling faces as you post videos and pics to yours and our social media sites.

We hope you'll take a little adventure with us and hop on the PHUNKY train. Wear your gear proud and get loud with it. Celebrate life and all that it has to offer outside of those office doors.

Through it all, don't forget to enjoy the sunrise and sunset. Don't forget to be present in your journey through life as you only get one shot, but if you do it right, that’s all you need.

Normal is boring, so #LiveLifeYourWay. #LivePHUNKY!