Mason's Scholarship Foundation

Mason fought an unthinkable battle until he was 6 years old. He was the brother to Sydney and the son of Scott and Lisa. They go back a very long time as friends of ours and we could think of no better honor than selecting Mason’s Foundation as our very first Feed the Need program.

Mason was diagnosed with a very rare type of Leukodystrophy called Alexander's Disease. If you Google it, it will explain things in more detail.  It's a significantly life-shortening disease that attacks the nerves in the brain causing the inability for the brain to control various muscles in the body. It is a demyelinating disease which basically means the body turns on itself and attacks the central nervous system.  It's a continuously regressive disease that has no cure and no treatment plan. According to the literature available about this very rare disease, if he was lucky, he could have lived into his late teens. Unfortunately, Mason didn't make it past 6 years old.

OK, that’s the dark. There’s no way to take away the pain Scott, Lisa, Sydney, their family and friends felt at the loss of Mason, so let’s not pretend there are words to make it better.

Let’s focus on the light of his life, as short as it may have been. He simply was an angel. And now he has his wings.

His favorite color was orange and as you may know, orange is one of the primary colors in our logo. And while Scott and Lisa ask their friends and family to wear something orange on his birthday, when you wear something with our primary logo on it, you’ll be honoring Mason every day. We think that’s kind of cool!

Mason loved school and was incredibly bright, which is why we’re helping Scott and Lisa set up a scholarship foundation in his honor. He also loved riding that motorized car of destruction you see in the picture. Be careful, cause he’ll run ya down if you’re not paying attention! Go on ya dare devil! 

So, for a limited time, with every single purchase made on our site, a portion of that will go to honor Mason and we’re super excited about it. You don't have to clip off the tag and send it back. You don’t have to find the hidden message on our site…just buy stuff!

Hug and kiss yours. Spend time together. Be present. Smile…Mason did a ton of that. We promise you won’t remember who won the game or what that movie was about, but you will remember being together. The memories last forever and we’re so happy they do. Time is one thing we don’t get more of, so make the most of yours.

Cheers to Scott, Lisa, Sydney, and Mason! Cheers to you and yours!

NOW…let’s all get Mason PHUNKY!!! #livelifeyourway #livePHUNKY