Upcoming Events

Upcoming PHUNKY Events

Hello Phunky Friends.

It might be hard for some to be thinking about warm weather and spring, but here at Phunky WE ARE (and not because it’s 75 & sunny)!! 

We have already dipped our paws in the water and climbed aboard for several festivals and events in the upcoming months. 

This is an opportunity for you to come out and get Phunky with us, check out some of our new gear and share your stories about living life your way.

Check our our schedule below and be sure to visit the pages of the various events for all the 411. 


March 17-18, Virginia Beach, VA, Shamrock Marathon & Expo

This is a weekend event full o’fun.  If you are a runner, this one’s for you.  (5) events including a half & full marathon, 8K & much more, including a Sports & Fitness Expo.  And the Grand Sponsor is Yuengling, how can you can go wrong??

April 21-23, Melbourne Beach, FL, ESA Regional Competition

This 3-day event kicks off the Eastern Surfing Association 2017 competitions.  The top finishers of these regional events are invited to the Eastern Surfing Championships in the Outer Banks in September.  Come “hang 10” with us and grab some gear!


May 5-7, Nags Head, NC, ESA Regional Competition

We follow the waves to the north for this 2nd round of competitions.  We’ll start working on those tans lines this weekend.  **hint hint = ladies we’ll have some new gear to tan those guns**

May 19-21, Belmar, NJ, ESA Regional Competition

We keep going north this weekend to Jersey (or is it “Joyzey”)??  Competition will be getting tough in the 3rd round, and our frequent flier miles are piling up!

And be sure to stayed tuned for more events throughout the summer. 

Won’t you join us and “live life your way”!?

FEED THE NEED: 2016 Holiday Mission

FEED THE NEED: 2016 Holiday Mission

The votes are in and we can’t thank YOU, our PHUNKY PHAMILY & PHRIENDS enough for helping us decide on our 2016 FEED THE NEED HOLIDAY MISSION.

We’re excited to announce that for every garment and hat purchased on LIVEPHUNKY.COM between Thanksgiving and Christmas, PHUNKY will donate a meal to someone in need. This time of year makes us all aware that we need to do better at helping those less fortunate than ourselves and we're looking forward to bringing a little joy to those who are struggling right now. While we are Living Life Our Way, there are others who need a dose of kindness and a helping hand to get them to a place where they can Live Life Their Way. Let’s all strive to do a few more random acts of kindness this holiday season. It doesn’t always have to cost money. Sometimes it’s just lending an ear. Sometimes it’s just making someone smile who’s having a difficult day. And sometimes it’s just a big phat PHUNKY hug to let someone know you care.  


All the best,

Tuck, Magic, Juls and Shelb



#livelifeyourway….more than just our tagline, but our hope our dream, that we all feel free to do just that. 

What does it mean to you??? 

Do you want to wear different colored socks = DO IT!  Do you want to make up your own words to that song = DO IT!  Get the big, fat juicy steak for dinner when all your friends are getting the salad = DO IT!!  Stay home with your family instead of going out to that party = DO IT!!

So long as what you’re doing makes you happy and doesn’t harm anyone or anything else = DO IT!!

As we livelifeOURway, we hope to put smiles on faces and warm some hearts, and we hope you do too.

SO what does it mean to you…??  Please share with us how you #livelifeyourway.  We’d love to hear your stories, see your pics.

“By being yourself you put something beautiful in this world that was not there before.”

Happy Thanksgiving,

Tuck & His Tribe (Magic, Juls & Shelb)

Ta-da! It's Launch Day, Baby!

Twas the night before LAUNCH and all through the house creatures were stirring and typing and folding, oh my…oh wait that’s another story.

But things WERE pretty exciting around here last night as my Tribe were putting the finishing touches on our website and prepping for our big launch.

Ta-da!! is up & running! 

Please join us on this crazy, fun ride.  As we embrace the reality that we’re just a bunch of silly kids with adventurous spirits and we can’t wait to share our stories with you and hear about yours too. 

Our blog is where we’ll share those stories, pics, funny jokes (or not so funny jokes), keep you posted about festivals and events where we’re going to be, Juls may even slip a PHUN recipe in from time to time. And when we debut new gear you’ll hear about it right here (ha look at that I made a rhyme!)

So check back from time to time and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook & Instagram too.  For now #livelifeyourway #livephunky.

Peace out, 



A PHUNKY Brand in the Making

Phunky Logo. All Rights Reserved.

We spent a ton of time creating Tuck (our logo) and all he represents. And we love him. Like super duper squeezy shaky love him. Our hope is that you’ll come to love him too. To help us spread the word, we’ve started a Brand Ambassador program. It’s kind of a cool thing in today’s world where people from all over the place can embrace something and share their adventures through social media. And it’s a great way for us to build our PHUNKY PHAMILY so we can finally take over the world. If you’re interested, check out our Brand Ambassador link under Partnerships on




We’ve had some amazing adventures in our lives so far. And through it all, we embrace that in all reality and honesty, we’re just a bunch of silly kids to this day. There’s something to be said for the way kids just go about life with that no holds barred way of thinking. Like, when a kid wants ice cream, she just keeps asking for it over and over and over and over and over again until daddy finally gives in! So, we’ve brought that adventurous spirit into PHUNKY and can’t wait to share our stories and hear yours too.

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14 Days of Giveaways!

14 Days of Giveaways

14 Days of Giveaways Starting October 18-31! Like our Facebook page or Follow us on Instagram to be entered. (Liking this post is much appreciated, but it will not enter you in the contest.) Go to to register for the $250 PHUNKY swag bag Grand Prize! #14daysofgiveaways #coolgear #newadventure #newbrand #comingsoon #outdoorlife #beachlife #livelifeyourway #livephunky

Feed the Need


Feed The Need

"It's not your beliefs that change the world, your behavior does." Our greatest ambition is to leave the world better than we found it and so we will Feed the Need.

We want to partner with our extended "PHUNKY Phamily" of customers, to select causes who could use that extra boost of compassion and kindness, so they can, in turn, do the same!